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Overview of Russian Railways network performance in January-April 2018


According to the latest figures issued by JSC of RZD, loading on the network of Russian Railways in January-April 2018 amounted 424.6 million tons (+3.4% y-o-y), from which 108.9 million tons accounted for April.

Specification of cargoes, which loaded in network in January-April 2018export and import cargo transportation

Freight turnover

In January-April 2018 freight turnover on Russian Raiways network amounted 852 bn. tariff ton-km (+4.8%), freight turnover into account empty wagon runs – 1086.6 bn ton-km (+4.4%). From which 215.5 bn tariff ton-km accounted for April, with taking into account empty wagon runs – 274.6 bn. ton-km (+5.1%).

Transhipment of container

proportion of loaded and empty container in all volume of container transhipment on networkFor 4 month 2018 on Russian Rail network transported 1.4 million TEU (+12.5%) which is:
in domestic direction – 586.7 thou. TEU (+3.7%);
export – 369.1 thou. TEU (+18.1%);
import – 260 thou. TEU (+19.9%);
transit – 140 thou. TEU (+26.5%).

In April 2018 container transportation on network amounted 352.8 thou TEU (+12.1%).

Specification of cargoes, which transported in container on network in January-April 2018export and import cargo transportation

Carriage of passengers

During the January-April 2018 the infrastructure of Russian Railways carrying 343.2 million passengers (+2.9% y-o-y), of which: suburban passenger numbers – 313.2 mln. (+2.3%), long-distance passengers – 30 mln. (+9%). Passenger turnover in reporting period amounted 32.6 bn. Pass-km (+4%).

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