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Internal customs transit

International customs transit (ICT)

International customs transit (ICT)

If during international carriage of goods, it is also necessary to deliver goods from abroad from the place where cargo arrived to the customs authority where the declaration will take place on the territory of Russia, we are faced with a situation regulated by law and called internal customs transit (ICT).

In accordance with the Customs Code of the Russian Federation, such transportation is carried out without paying customs duties and taxes, and the goods are not subject to prohibitions and economic restrictions established by the legislation on state regulations of foreign trade activities.

There is a number of situations in which Internal Customs Transit is applied:

  • during the shipment of goods (for example, a compensating product of foreign goods) declared at the customs post deep in Russian territory to the customs authority at the place of export outside the Russian Federation;
  • when moving an undeclared foreign goods between temporary storage warehouses (for example, in connection with the liquidation of temporary storage warehouses) or customs warehouses;

• in other cases, when there is a need to transport foreign cargo for which customs payments are not provided

The internal customs transit procedure does not apply:

  • if the goods are transferred by pipeline or by power lines;
  • if the aircraft, performing a regular international flight, has made an intermediate or forced landing on the customs territory of the Russian Federation, and unloading of goods (even partial) is not performed.

To implement ICT, the customs authority of the region in which the shipment begins, issues a corresponding permit for it to the carrier or forwarder (if the forwarder is a Russian person), or directly to the recipient of the goods, if the recipient performs operations not in the region where the customs authority is located.

The following conditions must be met:

  • transported goods should not be prohibited from being imported into the country, passed border, sanitary, veterinary and other necessary types of state control, have permits and / or licenses for transportation across the territory of Russia;
  • a transit declaration has been provided for goods transported;
  • identification of goods has been performed;
  • the vehicle is specially equipped for the transportation of sealed goods;
  • ensured payment of customs duties and taxes.

The last-mentioned is not required if the goods are provided with customs escort or transported by a customs carrier.

LLC “Navigator Logistic” has considerable experience in the delivery of goods on the terms of internal customs transit. We always fulfill the conditions stipulated by law of ICT, and therefore, without any problems, we obtain appropriate permission.

Rest assured:

  • we will deliver the goods and documents in the required place, following established by the Customs Code cases on the declared or established routes;
  • delivery time will not exceed the deadlines set by the customs administration body;
  • when using customs identification tools (stamps, seals, etc.), we guarantee their safety;
  • if necessary, perform cargo operations with goods – loading, reloading, unloading and others – all permissions from the customs authorities will be obtained.

It should be borne in mind that the transshipment of goods, transported on the terms of ICT, from one vehicle to another can be carried out without obtaining such permission.

If it is possible to perform transshipment without damage to the imposed seals, stamps and other identification customs means, it suffices to just notify the customs authority that such a transshipment operation is taking place.

This is usually possible when for transportation of standardized containers used specialized means of their delivery and loading/unloading.