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Delivery of consolidated cargo

Delivery of consolidated cargo

Delivery of consolidated cargo

One of the focus area of our company is the delivery of consolidated cargo. The main difference between consolidated and general cargos is that the truck (or container) is filled with cargo from several customers, and not from one. The advantage of delivery of consolidated cargo is, first of all, in savings for the client, both money and time, since it is not profitable to order a separate vehicle for delivery of a small consignment of goods, several pallets, or even one box. Our experts will offer you the best possible ways of transportation of consolidated cargo in terms of prices and required time.

One of the characteristic of consolidated cargo transportation is its mandatory complex handling at each stage of delivery:

  • “The cargo is ready for pick-up” – agreement with the shipper on the conditions and time taken for the goods to be taken from the warehouse;
  • “The cargo was picked up” – delivery to a consolidation warehouse in the European Union, Turkey, China, and the Russian Federation – tracking of cargo in transit, carrying out a set of works on preparing for customs clearance of cargo;
  • “Cargo in a consolidation warehouse” – warehouse cargo handling, customs clearance;
  • “The cargo is ready for shipment to / from the Russian Federation” – auto-export (shipment by sea) of cargo as a part of an assortment vehicle (or container) for import / export;
  • “Cargo delivered” – under the terms of the Customer’s application, the cargo is either unloaded at a customs warehouse or, after customs clearance, delivered “to the door” to the consignee. At the same time, the service of customs clearance of cargo “from wheels” is possible.

LLC «Navigator Logistic” offers the delivery service of consolidated cargoes, both in the complex and in a selective order at certain stages of delivery

  • Transport-forwarding services on the territory of the European Union, CIS countries, China, countries of the East;
  • Warehouse services on the territory of the Russian Federation, the European Union, the CIS countries, China, countries of the East, consolidation of groupage cargo;
  • Customs clearance of goods in the Russian Federation, the Baltic States, Finland;
  • Automobile delivery of consolidation cargoes for export importthrough consolidation warehouses in the Russian Federation, Baltic, Finland;
  • Issuance of transportation documents (TIR Carnet, CMR and others);
  • Cargoinsurance.

The total cost of delivery of consolidated cargo is based on the cost of the freight forwarder on the three arms of transportation:

  • Collection from the sender and delivery of cargo to the consolidation warehouse;
  • Cargo handling at a consolidation warehouse;
  • Delivery from a consolidation warehouse as a part of assortment vehicle(container) to the consignee.

Therefore, to optimize the cost of delivery services, it is important for the forwarding agent to have a considerable experience in organizing delivery of consolidated cargo, to know the domestic transportation market of the country from which the cargo is taken, to have permanent (own) partner warehouses in the country of departure and (or) in the country of receipt of cargo.

LLC “Navigator Logistic” has a decade of experience in organizing of consolidated cargodelivery, an extensive network of agents around the world, its own warehouses in the Russian Federation and consolidation warehouses partners in the Baltic States, Germany, Italy, Finland, Turkey and China. The convenient geographical location of the warehouses allows our clients to quickly deliver their goods to the locations, where they are combined with the goods of other customers and sent by road or sea transport for import and export.

The addresses of the main consolidation warehouses for the collection of goods and the schedule of shipment of vehicles (containers) to St. Petersburg and Moscow:

Pick-up location ConsolidationWarehouse Frequency of shipment of your cargo
EU, Turkey Lithuania, Vilnius everyFriday
WesternEurope Germany, Lübeck everyTuesday
Scandinavia Finland, Kotka everyThursday-Friday
China China, Shanghai everytwoweeks

To calculate the cost of consolidated cargo delivery, please contact our specialists.

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