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perevozkiАС КДТ — Automated Goods Delivery Control System;

АСМАП — Association of International Road Transporters;

БНА ФОИСП — Bulletin of Normative Acts of Federal Agencies of the Executive Branch;

ВГТД —Temporary Customs Cargo Declaration;

ВТТ — Domestic Customs Transit;

ВЭД — International Trade;

ВЭК России — RF Federal Currency and Export Control Service;

ГНИВЦ —Main Scientific and Information Computing Center;

ГО — Warranty Liabilities;

ГГО — General Warranty Liabilities;

ГКС —State Statistics Committee (Goskomstat);

ГНИ — State Tax Inspectorate;

ГС — Warranty Certificate;

ГТД — Cargo Customs Declaration;

ГТК — State Customs Committee;

ГУТНР — Main Agency for Tariff and Non-Tariff Regulation;

ДВТУ — Far-East Customs Agency;

ДКД — Delivery Control Document;

ДРВЭД МВЭС — Department for Regulation of International Trade by the Ministry for Trade Relations;

ДТПО — Additional Page in Customs Receipt Voucher;

ДТС — Declaration of Customs Cost;

ДТУ — Dagestan Customs Agency;

ЕС ОрВД — Single Air Transport Organization System;

ИТД — Customs Identification Inspection;

ИТО — Information and Technical Department;

КВТ ЕЭК ООН — Inland Transport Committee at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe;

КВТП МО — Committee for Military and Technical Assistance, Ministry of Defense;

КВТС — RF Committee for Military and Technical Cooperation with Foreign States;

КДП — Control Towers;

КМС —Inter-agency Coordination Council for Military-Technical Cooperation;

КТС — Adjustment of Customs Cost;

ЛНП — Personal Number Stamps;

МВЭС — Ministry for International Trade Relations;

Минюст — Ministry for Justice;

МСАТ — International Union of Road Transport;

МТУ — Moscow Customs Agency;

НАТБ — National Association of Customs;

НТП — Violation of Customs Rules;

ОБК — Department for Contraband and Violations of Customs Rules;

ОБКН — Department for Drug Trafficking;

ОБТП — Department for Customs Violations;

ОВК — Department for Currency Control;

ОГТД — Final Customs Cargo Declaration;

ОД — Investigations Department;

ОДО — Department for Document;

ОДТО — Department for Customs Document Processing;

ОИПДАП — Customs Authorities Departments for Execution of Orders on Administrative Violations;

ОИПДНТП — Department for Execution of Orders on Cases of Violation of Customs Rules;

ОКДТ — Department for Goods Delivery Control;

ОКДТТ — Department for Goods Delivery and Transit Control;

ОКиРИ — Department for Infrastructure Control and Development;

ОКРИ СОТК — Department for Infrastructure Control and Development, Customs Control Organization Service;

ОКТО — Department for Control of Customs Processing;

ОКТС — Department for Control of Customs Costs;

ОКТСиВК — Department for Control of Customs Costs and Currency Control;

ОНЭК — Department for Non-Tariff and Expert Control;

ООД — Department for Organization of Investigations;

ОПД — Special Declaration Procedure;

ОРО — Department for Search Operations;

ОРТОФС — Department for Work with Federally-Owned Goods;

ОТНиПТ — Department for Classification of Goods and the Source of Goods;

ОТНР — Department for Tariff and Non-Tariff Regulation (formerly ОНЭК — Department for Non-Tariff and Expert Control);

ОТО — Department for Customs Processing;

ОТП — Department for Customs Payments;

ОТР — Department for Customs Investigations;

ОТСиА — Department for Customs Statistics and Analysis;

ОФТДиУДС — Department for Federal Customs Income and Reporting on Financial Resources;

ОФТК — Department for Practical Customs Control;

ОЭЗ — Special Economic Zone;

ПГТД — Preliminary Cargo Customs Declaration;

ПС — Certificate of Contract;

ПИб — Certificate of Barter;

ПСи — Certificate of Import;

ПТС и ПШТС — Vehicle Certificate and Vehicle Chassis Certificate;

РИТТУ — Regional Information and Technical Customs Agency;

РП — Chamber of Registration;

РТА — Russian Customs Academy;

РТУ — Regional Customs Agency;

РТУ ВТ — Regional Customs Air Transport Agency;

РТУ ДСО — Regional Customs Emergency Call Center and Security Agency;

РТУ по БТП — Regional Customs Agency for Customs Violations;

РТУ ТО — Regional Customs Agency for Logistical Support;

СВХ — Temporary Warehouse / Depot;

СЗОТ — Northwest Customs Operations;

СЗРТЛ — Northwest Regional Customs Laboratory;

CЗТЛ — Northwest Customs Laboratory;

СЗТТ — Northwest Logistical Customs;

СЗТУ — Northwest Customs Agency;

СПб — St. Petersburg;

ТК — Customs Control;

ТПО — Customs Receipt Voucher;

ТПП — Chamber of Trade and Industry;

ТС — Customs Warehouse;

ТСТК — Technical Customs Control Equipment;

УБТП — Agency for Customs Violations;

УВК — Currency Control Agency;

УДТС — Agency for Customs Union Affairs;

УОТК — Agency for Organization of Customs Control;

УРГХИ — Agency for Rosgoskhlebinspektsia;

УТНТР — Agency for Tariff and Non-Tariff Regulation;

УТСА — Agency for Customs Statistics and Analysis;

УФТД — Agency for Federal Customs Income;

УФТП — Agency for Federal Customs Payments;

ФАС РФ (России) — Federal Aviation Service (Russia);

ФПС РФ (России) — RF Federal Border Service (Russia);

ФСБ РФ (России) — RF Federal Security Service (Russia);

ФУ — Finance Agency

ФХД — Financial and Economic Activity


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