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Cargo marking

markirovkaCARGO MARKING — inscriptions, symbols and other marks done directly on products, tare, packages or on stitched, pasted or bound labels (tags).

As a rule, marking is to be made by the party performing cargo transportation. Any information indicated in the markings corresponds to the data indicated in the title documents.

Marking gets more importance, if the cargo is transhipped in intermediate points – only correct and legible markings ensure that the cargo will be delivered to the destination point. Therefore multimodal transportations (with cargo transfer between different modes of transport) require strict observance of marking rules.
Distinguish commodity, shipping, transport and special marking.

Several kinds of marking are distinguished: cargo information, consignor’s, transport and special.


Kind of marking


Cargo information marking

Information should include cargo’s name, manufacture mark, grade, manufacturer’s name, number in the lot and order number.

Consignor’s marking

Fraction (numerator – number of package and consignor’s mark; denominator – number of packages in the lot). Consignor’s name, consignee’s name, point of dispatch and point of destination (including point of cargo transhipment)

Transport marking

Fraction (numerator – number of the lot in the port warehouse management ledger, denominator – number of packages in the lot).

Special marking is applied, if the cargo requires special handling while transportation or transfer. It represents a set of warning signs and/or their textual description, for example: handle with care, fragile; keep dry and etc.

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