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Formation of ship cargo consignments

Formation of ship cargo consignmentsWhen organizing cargo transportation by sea, it should be understood how the cargo consignments delivered by vessels to the port of destination are formed.

The ship cargo consignments mean the amount of goods of the same name, sufficient to load a single vessel under current regulations. This consignment of goods is sent either according to one transport document or according to several documents, but to one destination port.

For the delivery of cargo can be used chartered vessels as well as vessels operating on specific routes in sets of shipping lines.

Sea freight, or payment of transportation, for any single contract for transportation is fixed separately. In this case, as a rule, a full ship cargo consignment is formed, which allows the charterer to send the goods to any required physically accessible seaport. Such an organization of shipping is called tramp shipping, it is convenient and quite economical in delivering large quantities of goods.

General cargo

Linear shipping is designed for transportation of single-piece cargo transported in packages (boxes, barrels, bales, etc.) – the so-called general cargo. The vessel is loaded with general cargo of different types, small batches of which can be delivered to different ports along the route of the vessel. In order to form a ship party (possibly full, but more often incomplete) when using linear ships, it is necessary to take into account routes, timetable, and transportation tariffs. The most efficient liner shipments are container shipments, allowing delivery with high quality (without damage and loss) and at exactly scheduled time.

Ship cargo consignment, as a rule, formed at the port terminal. During its formation, it is necessary to avoid additional costs associated, for example, with the early arrival of the first vehicles with the goods. Because of this, the grace period of storage at the terminal of this part of the shipment may be exceeded. Late arrival of the last vehicles may cause either the impossibility of shipping of the entire batch with the first ship departing along the desired route, or a delay (simple) of the chartered vessel at the port of loading. All these discrepancies are associated with significant financial losses.

“Navigator Logistic” guarantees customers timely formation and delivery of ship cargo consignment. Since we have our own storage facilities for the accumulation of a consignment and necessary means for its speedy transportation.

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