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Carriage of goods by road

Carriage of goods by road: Euro Trailer, refrigerator, awning, thermos

Carriage of goods by road: Euro Trailer, refrigerator, awning, thermos

At present, such a diverse number of vehicles falls under the definition of freight vehicles, so it becomes obvious that a proper classification is very much needed. It can be carried out on a variety of grounds, even the color of a vehicle, but the main ones that directly affects the possibility of road transportation of one type of goods or another or its quantity, are as follows:

  • body type
  • load capacity
  • number of axles and
  • composition.

If the last two elements are more interesting to specialists who collaborate with road services and traffic police (when mapping a route, it’s important to take into account loads on axles, length of a vehicle or a vehicle serial, etc.), then for then the customer carrying the goods, it is important to understand what kind of vehicle will deliver the goods in its entirety and good condition. Therefore, let’s consider the main types of trucks, taking into account the first two main characteristics of the classification:

Load capacity up to 1.5 tons.

The heirs of the legendary “lorry – class” GAZelle “(domestic and foreign counterparts of this model). Vehicles are used, as a rule, on intracity and intercity freight traffic of small and medium range (up to 500 – 700 km), both for transportation of manufactured goods and household. The most common types of bodies: open drop-side and closed curtain-sided trucks, and when removing the curtains form the second type it turns into the first one.

Load capacity up to 3.5 tons.

Class “Bullhead”. Purpose and body types are similar to “GAZelles”. Sometimes metal body type is used.

Load capacity up to 5 tons.

Class “Zil” trucks. They are often used by habitants for the transportion of furniture and personal items when moving. The body type is supplemented by an isothermal compartment (also known as a “thermos”) – a van with walls made of foam plastic upholstered in tin, which allows to keep the temperature at which it was loaded for up to 20 hours (at ambient temperatures from -10s to + 20s).

Vehicles with higher capacity (10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 25 tons).

Such trucks are actively used for transportation of goods by road on long-distance and international routes. The cabin is equipped with a sleeping place and a place for the forwarder. Among the open body types prevail truck float body and container platform vehicles. Among closed body types we, most often, can see curtain-sided truck, insulated box, refrigerator, container and tank. The refrigerator is the same isothermal van equipped with the built-in refrigeration unit.

Closed body, which fit the width of two euro-pallets (120 cm each) are called eurotents or eurotrucks.

“Navigator logistics” offers any carriage of goods by road in Russia and CIS countries as well as international carriage of goods. Managers of our company are ready to calculate the optimal delivery of goods to the recipient in Russia and abroad.

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