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Customs Transit

Customs clearance at the convenient customs post

Customs clearance at the convenient customs post

Domestic customs transit (ВТТ) is applied:

  • when transporting cargoes from the place of their arrival to the place of the location of customs authority of destination;
  • from the place where cargoes are located when being declared to the place of their export from the RF customs territory;
  • between temporary storage warehouses, customs warehouses;
  • as well as in other cases of foreign cargo transportation if these cargoes are not provided with security for payment of customs duties.


Domestic customs transit allows clearing entry or exit customs directly at regional customs posts where the domestic consignor or consignee is territorially located.

Example: Avelana Logistic Company receives cargo in the port of Saint-Petersburg or Vladivostok and delivers it to under customs control to the customs terminal of other RF city where the final customs clearance of imports will take place.

To perform domestic customs clearance it’s necessary to have the following documents:

  • Originals of issue and shipping documents of the cargo being transported, consignment notes, invoices, specifications, codes and etc.
  • Originals of documents relating to the transport which performs the transportation — TIR Carnet, VIN of the transport, power of attorney for the driver, CMR.
  • Tax registration certificate – INN (Personal Tax Reference Number).
  • Copies of registration documents of the sender company, the receiver company – stamped and signed copies of OGRN (Primary State Registration Number).
  • Certificate OKPO (All-Russia Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations) – copy stamped and signed in the company.
  • Copy of the license stamped and signed at the customs post where it was given.
  • Copy of cargo delivery contract stamped and signed at the receiver company.
  • Contract concluded with customs broker.
  • Original of general authority for freight forwarding service (if cargo is being transported by a hired).
  • Previous declaration (in case of temporary import-export it is mandatory).


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