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Railroad freight activity

Ust-Luga Express

Container block train
“Ust-Luga Express”

For many years, rail transport has retained the largest volume of freight traffic. This allows us to consider shipping by railways of the country as one of the main types of delivery of goods. But if we consider freight transportation by rail in the international format, it should be taken into account that due to the lack of regulations for rail transportation within the country and abroad and the difference in gauge in Russia and the EU countries, international freight by rail involves additional costs for insurance against loss cargo and transshipment of train carriages to other platforms.

But in the organization of multimodal transport railway transport is very appropriate. For example, imported cargo comes from abroad to the port, it is loaded onto trucks and taken to the iron station, from where it is in a train carriages or a container will continue to the destination point. Combined with good logistics, railway transport is almost as flexible as road transport, but with greater efficiency.


We transport containers by rail:

  • In import and export directions;
  • Customs cleared goods and cargoes proceeding in the customs transit regime.

Also accepts to ship:

  • Dangerous goods (except for hazard classes 1 and 7);
  • Heavy loads (up to 34.5 tons, the weight of the cargo including the weight of the container);

We send containers as a part of container trains and single shipments from the ports of St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Vladivostok

For single container shipments we offer:

  • Removal of imported cargo from the ports of the Russian Federation by rail;
  • Clearance of the ports of the Russian Federation by rail.

We offer not only a full range of services, including the necessary cargo clearance, but also the most optimal scheme of cargo delivery from “door to door”.